What to expect at your session

The experience:
Many parents are concerned that their children won’t cooperate during the photo session, but I can assure you that I will do my best to keep your child calm and smiling! Clients have marveled at my seemingly endless patience when photographing their children. Certainly, silly gestures and funny faces go a long way to elicit a giggle that is then perfectly framed by my camera’s lens, and I will never make you feel rushed–so your children have time to acclimate to their surroundings and show their true colors.
I will also gladly accommodate your schedule to work around nap times and mealtimes; you know best at which time of day your child is cheerful and eager to play!

The setting:
If you have a specific destination in mind, like a picturesque park or a sunny beach, I can meet you there, or I can suggest other venues that may interest you.
I have stunning backdrops and lots of props to choose from to create the setting you desire, whether it’s formal, playful, whimsical, dramatic, or something specific you have in mind. I am open to your thoughts and always excited to share unique ideas of my own to create the perfect setting that will capture the essence of your child.
And no need to agonize over wardrobe choices! I am also available to help you put together outfits and accessories that are best suited for the pictures we have in mind, which will add that special flair.

The standard in-studio sitting fee is $200, and for non-studio locations it’s $250. In both instances $50 of the sitting fee goes towards purchasing prints.

Upsherin package (before and after pictures) is $270 and $300 for non-studio locations. In both instances $75 of the sitting fee goes towards purchasing prints.

The basic pricing for sheets is
5×7 $15.00
8×10 $22.00
11×14 $34.00
16×20 $70.00
Please call for more information about prints packages and pricing.