About Leah

Photography has been my passion since childhood. It’s incredible to see the world through the magical prism of the camera’s lens, to capture that special moment and freeze it for all time. The wide-eyed wonder of a newborn. That first toothless grin; the mischievous smirk on a toddler’s face; the beaming joy of a preschooler; the sweet, shy smile of a preteen. Those bouncing curls, sparkling eyes, and chubby little fingers. The playful interaction between siblings. The loving eyes of a parent gazing at a child. These moments are fleeting; we wish we could etch them into our memories forever.

As a mother, I understand the bittersweet sensation of watching children blossom, as the unparalleled pride in their development is often accompanied by wistful sighs for times gone by. The days seem long, but, oh, how time does fly! Preserve that once-in-a-lifetime moment to savor always.

That is the wonder of photography. I look forward to sharing it with you!